Piano Renewal Initiative

Gift Amount

Investing in the Foundation of Luther's Music Program

Goal: $600,000
Progress: $436,173 committed (as of 04/29/2022)

At the heart of Luther's exceptional music program lies an extraordinary instrument: the piano. In fact, pianos are fundamental to virtually everything the Luther College Music Department does in Jenson-Noble Hall of Music. It's rare to find a space of any size in the music building that doesn't contain a piano. These instruments are heavily used--and not just for piano lessons and piano recitals.

For decades, Luther's Music Department has done a masterful job of maintaining a collection of more than 100 pianos that spans nearly a century. The availability of quality keyboard instruments makes possible everything the Music Department does: music theory, music history, compositions, voice lessons, instrumental lessons, conducting class, music education seminars, ear training, and more. Students and faculty rely on those pianos. They are essential to day-to-day operations and must be maintained and replaced on a regular basis to ensure the best performance.

Over the past several years, the Luther Music Department has focused on improving the student practice facilities. Students taking private piano lessons have access to 16 new and rebuilt quality grand pianos. Recitalists also have the opportunity to perform on three outstanding Steinway concert grands in the Noble Recital Hall and the Center for Faith and Life. The remainder of the practice rooms have newer Yamaha uprights.

In the next step of the piano renewal initiative, the college will focus on the increasing need for new instruments in the music faculty studios. Most of the pianos in the teaching studios range from 40 to 100 years old, making it difficult to tune and maintain these aging instruments. The Music Department seeks to provide new Yamaha grands for the main vocal and instrument faculty offices, as well as large performance pianos from the Yamaha CX Series for the Orchestra Rehearsal Room and the Sperati Band Rehearsal Room. Yamaha grand pianos provide the perfect balance of affordability and craftsmanship in an institutional setting.

To jump-start the piano renewal, the college invested nearly $50,000 in the replacement of 13 digital pianos in the keyboard lab, which is used daily by music students in their piano skills class. These 20-year old Yamaha Clavinovas were upgraded in Summer 2020 and were ready for use in academic year 2020-2021.

Donor Recognition Levels

Amount Level
$25,000 or more Octave Sponsor
$10,000-$24,999 Chord Sponsor
$3,000-$9,999 Key Sponsor

Naming Opportunities

If you are interested in underwriting the full cost of one of the newly purchased pianos, Luther College will be pleased to recognized your commitment on a small plaque on the designated instrument. The pianos and corresponding naming levels include:

Instrument Amount
Orchestra Rehearsal Room - 7'6" Grand COMMITTED
Sperati Band Rehearsal Room - 7'6" Grand COMMITTED
Center for Faith and Life Recital Hall - 6'1" Grand COMMITTED
Choral Rehearsal Room - 7'6" Grand $75,000
Faculty Studios - 5'8" Grand (5 of 9 Available) $40,000 ea.
Peace Dining Room - 5'8" Grand $30,000

Making a Gift to the Piano Renewal Initiative

Gifts and pledges of all sizes are appreciated. Multiyear pledges may be fulfilled over three years. For more information, please call the Development Office at (800) 225-8664 to speak with a development officer.

A portion of all gifts received will support the new Luther College Piano Maintenance Endowment, helping to provide ongoing care and maintenance of the college's extensive collection of keyboard instruments for years to come.

Voice lesson being given in Jenson-Noble Hall of Music.


 "The piano--the instrument--is the backbone of our music program. I can't think of a class, a course, an ensemble, an activity of any kind in which a piano is not essential. Without large numbers of first-rate, well-cared-for pianos the quality and reputation of our music program would be unsustainable."

- Professor Daniel Baldwin, director of Orchestral Activities and Music Department Head