Economics, Accounting, and Management

The Economics, Accounting, and Management Department creates quality-learning environments to prepare you for ethical leadership, decision-making, and service in organizations operating within a global environment. Our faculty is dedicated to preparing you to accept and adapt to the challenges and changes of the 21st century.

We offer majors in economics, accounting, and management. We also offer minors in economics and management, as well as interdisciplinary programs, all within a liberal arts curriculum promoting lifelong learning and social responsibility.

We provide you with personal attention, and support your educational and career planning. We value an experienced faculty, which is collegial and professional in its relationships with students, colleagues, alumni, and friends of the College.

Learning Goals

By studying economics, you’ll:

  • Understand core principles and theories of economics
  • Apply economic theory to explain current events, policy, and problems in the world
  • Analyze economic data
  • Evaluate economic arguments or opinions using theory and empirical evidence
  • Build new economic knowledge

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When studying accounting, you’ll:

  • Learn how to analyze and evaluate information to support decision making using critical thinking and ethics
  • Understand how to professionally research and apply accounting knowledge to business situations
  • Develop the ability to work effectively in teams
  • Learn how to communicate information clearly in writing
  • Use your ability to express ideas and present information clearly in an oral presentation, with effective use of visuals

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If you choose to study management, you’ll:

  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze ethical dilemmas and express your choices for ethical responses
  • Learn how to function as a member of a team
  • Use your knowledge to express ideas clearly in oral presentations and in writing
  • Learn how to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions
  • Demonstrate proficiency with information systems

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Interested in a job or internship relating to economics, accounting, or management? If so, visit Handshake. The tool can help you search for on-campus jobs and internships outside of Luther and make appointments with the Career Center staff.

Career Opportunities in Economics, Accounting, and Management

Representatives from businesses, government agencies, and other organizations visit the Luther campus throughout the year to actively recruit seniors for permanent employment and internships.

Top employers regularly recruit our economics graduates in the fields of consulting, finance, data science, policy, computing/information systems (management, programming, sales), financial planning, banking, and government.

Many of our economics graduates are also admitted into top law schools, business schools, and graduate programs.

Luther accounting majors are prepared for a variety of careers in top-tier organizations including the areas of public accounting, corporate finance, manufacturing, government service, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. Some students choose to design a curriculum to support future graduate studies.

Luther management graduates are in high demand. Within one year of graduating, 94 percent of our management major students are employed or seeking advanced degrees. Some of the fields where Luther management graduates are employed include  private business (financial analysis, sales), human resources, real estate, medicine/health (sales), restaurant/hospitality (management), computing/information systems (management, programming, sales), business analysis/operations management, insurance (sales), banking (management/loans), merchandising/sales/marketing, and agriculture/ranching.

Many Luther business students work toward advanced degrees, either within their chosen discipline or at a professional school, such as law school.