Dance at Luther nurtures the birthright of moving efficiently, often, and creatively.

Why Study Dance at Luther?

Dance at Luther focuses on learning the body and developing movement practices. These practices prepare our students for careers in dance or any other field.

Collaborative productions and performances. All motivated students welcome.

Lifelong dance and movement practices. There are many career paths dancers can take. Dance minors become dance artists, dance or movement teachers, or continue on to become dance scholars.

Why Study Dance?

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Students participate in the dance program's production of "Soil Turning."

Our Commitment

As a community of artists, we model and promote positive actions to create safe environments for all people. The dance program affirms the commitment to be active in: the creation of a welcoming community; the defense of the rights of all; and a continuing and unwavering condemnation for all forms of bias and oppression. We support and work to create a culture of gratitude for people of all race, gender, age, abilities, national origin, religion, and sexual orientation.

Luther students dance in "Body of Water"
Luther students rehearse for "Body of Water"
Luther students perform in "Highway 57".
A mother and daughter watch "The Invitation Game"
A Luther student performs in "Trust Me."
A student rehearses in Studio One for "Body of Water"
Luther students dance with performers in "The Invitation Game"
Students perform in the dance programs production of "Who do You Trust."
Two Luther students do homework in Studio One.
Ekilpse, the student-run hip-hop dance group, performing at the BTQ Talent Show.

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