Other cultures are not failed attempts at being you;
they are unique manifestations of the human spirit. —Wade Davis

Why Study Anthropology at Luther?

Broaden your horizons. Anthropology provides the tools to understand human behavior as well as your own place in the world.

A learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. We believe the best way to learn about the world is by directly experiencing it—whether through study abroad, archaeological excavations, or hands-on curation work.

Work directly with faculty. Work in the anthropology laboratory, collaborate on a research project, or design an independent study course to build life-long relationships with anthropology faculty and develop valuable skills.

Why Study Anthropology?

Play Summer Research: Mound Surveying video.

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Anders Hopkins (’15) excavates a test unit on a prehistoric site during the summer archaeology field methods course.
Students learn how to use an atlatl or spear thrower in the introductory Archaeology class.
Annie Whiteley ('13) and Rachel Hodapp ('13) collaborate with Professor Lori Stanley to study Maasai traditional medicine in Tanzania.
Max Rooney (’17) coaxes an ember into flame that he created using a fire-making kit he constructed as part of the Experimental Archaeology course.
Marshall Stay (’17) surveys a prehistoric earthwork site in northeast Iowa with a gradiometer during his collaborative research project with faculty member Colin Betts.

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