Part-Time Students

A student enrolled for one to 11 semester hours who has not been formally admitted to Luther College is considered to be a part-time student and will be billed for each hour of credit registered. (See part-time fees on the Financial Services website.)

Any student seeking a degree from or finishing a major at Luther College may apply for admission at any time, but must apply when total semester hours reach 64. (Learn more about admissions requirements.)

Upon acceptance for admission, all previous college coursework will be evaluated by the registrar with respect to general requirements and by the appropriate department head for major requirements. The student may continue to take courses on a part-time basis, and will be allowed to register on the official registration days scheduled on the college calendar, along with all degree-seeking students, provided the enrollment deposit has been paid. In this case, priority will be given to academic classification (seniors receiving top priority) rather than full- or part-time status.

Part-time, degree-seeking students who need financial assistance should contact the financial aid office well in advance of registration.

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