How to Apply for Aid

To apply for financial assistance at Luther, follow the step-by-step directions listed below.

  1. Obtain or retrieve your FSA ID. In most cases, both the student and at least one parent need to have a FSA ID to electronically sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A FSA ID can be applied for before filing the FAFSA or while completing the FAFSA. Once a person has a FSA ID, they will use it throughout their college career.
  2. Collect the information necessary to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Items needed to complete the FAFSA include the applicant’s social security number, prior year tax returns and/or W-2 statements, bank statements, current value of non-retirement investments, and net worth of properties such as rental units, investment farms and second homes. Dependent student parent(s) must also provide similar information on the application.
  3. Complete the FAFSA electronically using Luther’s school code of 001874. We recommend that incoming students submit an application by February 1. Continuing students need to have their FAFSA filed by March 15. Iowa residents must submit a FAFSA no later than July 1 to be considered for state aid. Detailed instructions are available and once completed, print a copy of the FAFSA for your records.
  4. Submit additional documents we may request in a timely manner.¬†For new students, we will contact you via email or phone if additional documentation is required. Continuing students need to review “My Documents” on the¬† site to view outstanding forms required to complete their file.
  5. Apply for all outside sources of assistance for which you are eligible. Community organizations, churches, insurance companies, corporations, and employers often give awards and/or matching grants based on financial need, academic achievement or membership. For reference, check our list of outside scholarships. In most cases, outside scholarships will reduce the amount of loan you will need to finance your Luther education.
  6. If there are special circumstances¬†that affect your or your parent’s ability to contribute towards your educational expenses, please review the¬†Special Circumstances Reporting¬†section of our website.

Award notifications will be mailed to new students¬† and emailed to continuing students’ Luther email accounts.

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