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Make a positive difference in students' lives. Become a teacher and have an immediate impact on the next generation.

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Why Study Education?

Schools open doors to the world. Every day, students encounter new people, ideas, and experiences. Teachers foster these experiences. They create positive relationships with all types of students and establish safe and caring learning communities.

The demand for qualified educators is as high as it’s ever been. Students need teachers who will prepare them to meet an ever-changing society. School districts are actively seeking well-prepared teacher candidates who can become leaders in their schools. As a teacher, you’ll have an immediate impact on the next generation.

Why Study Education at Luther?

At Luther, you’ll prepare for a lifetime of making a difference in students’ lives. Our program builds on three principles:

  • Theoretical knowledge of human behavior and learning—understanding learning theories provides teacher candidates with the ability to employ researched techniques to help all students succeed.
  • Knowledge in your subject matter—knowing the content that you are expected to teach is a foundational requisite for effective teaching.
  • Growth over time—teaching is a process of continual learning where one develops the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become an educated educator. It takes time and reflection.

By combining these principles with a liberal arts education, you’ll be prepared with a broad base of knowledge that helps you think critically, solve problems, and communicate with others.

Program Highlights

Accredited Program

Luther College is accredited by the state of Iowa. This state approval ensures that we prepare you to know your subject and your learners. Often, school districts and states more readily grant licensure to graduates from accredited education programs.

Exploratory Practicum in Area Schools

Experience teaching as a first-year student. Luther’s introductory practicum takes place during your first January Term. You’ll be able to determine early on if teaching is right for you.

Diverse Student Teaching Placement

You have the option to student teach locally, nationally, and internationally. Our staff works with you to find the perfect fit.

What You’ll Learn

As a Luther education major, you’ll work with real students in real classrooms. “Try on” teaching in your first year. You’ll spend several weeks observing teachers and experiencing the functions of the classroom. Later, you’ll put your skills to work teaching a unit in a monthlong practicum. Finally, a full semester of student teaching will combine your knowledge and experience.

Elementary Education Major (K–6)

If you are planning to become an elementary teacher, you will major in elementary education. You must complete the core program in elementary education plus an academic or special endorsement.

Academic Endorsements:

  • English/Language Arts (K–8)
  • History (K–8)
  • Math (K–8)
  • Music (K–8)
  • Science (basic) (K–8)
  • Social studies (K–8)

Special Endorsements:

  • English language learners (ESL) (K–12)
  • Middle school specialist (5–8)
  • Reading (K–8)
  • Special education instructional strategist II: Behavior Disorders and Learning Disabilities (K–12)

Secondary Education Minor

If you are planning to become a teacher at the secondary level, you will major in the content area you plan to teach. You will also minor in secondary education. This will prepare you to teach grades 5–12.

Content areas may include:

  • Political science
  • History
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Natural sciences

Program information

One of the best things about the Education Department is the opportunities available to students. The faculty and staff care a lot about the students and it shows. They work hard to help us succeed and reach our goals.
Maddie Kaasa '25
I love the emphases Luther's Education Department places on equity, building trusting relationships, and experiential learning.
Avery Hagstrom '23
Elementary Education major, Reading and English as a Second Language endorsement

Careers and Outcomes

Take your Luther education degree anywhere! Luther graduates teach in small to large districts throughout the US and around the world. In addition to teaching, Luther education graduates go on to be successful in a wide variety of occupations. Industry positions that Luther education graduates obtain include—but are not limited to—technology, sales and marketing, healthcare, and nonprofits.

K-12 Career Fields

  • Teacher
  • Administrator (principal or superintendent)
  • School guidance counselor
  • Curriculum director
  • Instructional coach
  • Librarian
  • Teacher leadership
  • Coaching

Other Career Fields

  • Camp/youth director
  • Corporate trainers
  • Professional tutor
  • Museum educator
  • Advising
  • Public relations
  • Activities director
  • Speech and language therapist
  • Educational consulting
  • Human resources
  • Event planning

Building an Educational Curriculum

Megan Priest ’23 participated in a student/faculty collaborative research project, focusing her work on building a new type of educational curriculum.

“This research has encouraged me to go into curriculum development and instruction. I’ve decided that I’m going to go to grad school to continue doing research on this because I am so passionate about it.” —Megan Priest ’23

Achieve Licensure

By completing Luther’s education program, you will earn your license to teach in the state of Iowa. There are three levels of approval within our Teacher Education Program:

  • Admission to teacher education
  • Approval for the professional semester
  • Approval for licensure

Learn more about licensure

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