Undergraduate Research

Luther students often collaborate with faculty on research projects, addressing challenging questions that go beyond what's learned in semester-long courses.

I’ve learned how to work in a team, design my own project, and address the problem when things don’t go exactly how we want it. Being able to go with the flow and change things as the challenges arise are good skills to know.

Jill Richards '22

Many Areas of Research

In recent years, Luther students have collaborated with faculty on a variety of research topics including:

Laboratory Research

Professor Enos-Berlage's microbiology lab class does research with Iowa soils to find potential solutions to the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Grants and Other Funding

Summer student/faculty collaborative research grants make student-faculty collaborations possible. You can also undertake independent research or creative projects through student research grants.

Students also have opportunities to present their work, both on campus and at regional and national conferences.