Apply to Become a Tutor

CAE accepts applications on a continual basis due to the changing needs of tutor demands. If you meet the qualifications below and have a passion to help students, submit an application to be considered. To ensure you have work study hours available, contact the Student Employment Coordinator in the Financial Aid Office at

Qualified applicants must:

  • Be current, work-study eligible Luther students
  • Earn a B or better in the courses they wish to tutor
  • Provide a faculty reference for each subject you would like to tutor for
  • Be able to communicate effectively with other students
  • Demonstrate reliability and professionalism

Tutor Training

Luther College is Certified Level 1 from the College Reading & Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC).

CRLA and ITTPC are proud to serve as a benchmark and standard for excellent tutor training programs around the globe.

As a CRLA Level 1 Certified Tutor, you will gain:

  • Secure greater student and faculty confidence and respect for tutorial staff and program.
  • Add completion of CRLA ITTPC Tutor Training Program certification to your resumes and will be able to talk about your training and experience in job interviews.
  • Transferability of CRLA Tutor Certification to other certifying colleges and universities. In other words, a tutor trained at Level I at one institution would be recognized at another.

CRLA tutor training is required for all CAE tutors. Tutor trainings are a total of ten hours for the semester. For the safety of all involved, tutor trainings will be a combination of in person, virtual, and asynchronous sessions.

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