Program Evaluation Instructions

Want to find out what requirements you have yet to complete in order to graduate? You can do so by reviewing your program evaluation found on

For instructions on how to obtain a copy of your program evaluation, and how to understand what it says, click on the related document entitled "Program Evaluation" on this page.

Please note the following basic requirements for the BA degree:

  • Completion of 128 credit hours (no more than 4 PE 100/110 credits can count toward the 128 credit hours).
  • Completion of 80 credit hours outside of at least one major discipline.
  • A 2.00 minimum cumulative GPA and a 2.00 GPA in each major, minor, and special program (The GPA requirement in some majors in higher than a 2.00. See catalog for details).
  • Two January terms which include the following:
    1. A first-year seminar (course number 185)
    2. A January term II course