Grading Procedures

Faculty and student in chemistry lab.


Enter AU if a student fulfills the audit requirements or an F grade if a student did not do so. The F grade will convert to NC.

Credit/No Credit

If the course is set up for Credit/No Credit grading, you may submit grades of Cr (credit) or NC (no credit), or you may enter a letter grade. Letter grades will convert to CR or NC in the computer. Receiving CR means earning a letter grade of C- or better.

Cross-Listed Courses

For a cross-listed course, you only need to grade one discipline. The grades submitted in one will show up on the other discipline.

Grade Changes

Faculty may change any submitted grade via My.luther up until the grade deadline. After the grade deadline has passed, faculty should submit the Grade Change form, available at the Registrar’s Office or as a PDF on Do not send grade changes via email.


An Incomplete grade is meant for students who are doing passing work or better but fail to complete the remaining course requirements due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g., illness). It is NOT meant for giving a failing student an opportunity to re-do unsatisfactory work. If an Incomplete grade is awarded and the student does nothing after that, the grade the student will receive is an F. The deadline for a student to finish an Incomplete is the last day to add or change a class (in the subsequent semester). If you submit an Incomplete grade, please enter the date provided by the Registrar (via email each term) under “Expire Date” next to the grade. An “Expire Date” is not needed for other grades.

Missing Grades (including Incomplete resolutions)

Faculty are expected to submit grades by the grade deadline through My.luther. Any grades submitted after the deadline (including grades that are resolutions of Incompletes) must be submitted via the Submit Missing Grades form.

Senior Honors Project

Students working on a year-long senior honors project are registered for 0 hours of credit in the fall term. This is graded Cr/NC. If the student has completed the requirements for the fall semester, you should enter a grade of CR. Students are enrolled for 4 credit hours in the spring term and the letter grade is recorded then.