Gen Educ Requirements List

Provided for you is a listing of courses from the 2015-16 Luther College catalog that fulfill one or more of the general education requirements for the BA degree. The courses are listed in alphabetical order, by requirement code. These codes can also be found at the end of each course description in the catalog. The requirements and their codes covered in this list are:

  • BL: Biblical Studies
  • HB: Human Behavior
  • HBSSM: Human Behavior Social Science Methods
  • HE: Human Expression
  • HEPT: Human Expression Primary Text
  • HIST: Historical
  • INTCL: Intercultural
  • NWL: Natural World Lab
  • NWNL: Natural World Non-Lab
  • QUANT: Quantitative
  • REL: Religion
  • SKL: Skills Course
  • WEL: Wellness Course

Please note: Courses taken to fulfill Common Ground requirements (ie: Paideia I, Religion, Language, PE Skills, PE Wellness) may not be used to fulfill requirements for Inquiry Across the Liberal Arts (ie: Natural World Lab or Non-Lab, Human Behavior including Social Science Methods, Human Expression including Primary Text).