Registration Tips

Check for both your registration time and any holds placed upon your registration.

While you are on, print out a copy of your program evaluation and go over your progress towards graduation, particularly in terms of all-college requirements and requirements in your major.

Consult the course offerings in my.luther and think about what courses you are most interested in taking. Prepare a sample schedule based on your choices. 

Make an appointment with your advisor several days before your registration date. Come to the meeting ready to talk through your choices and questions.

For full instructions on how to register, consult the Registrar's web page.

After you have completed registration, you can use my.luther to add a full semester course up to the eighth day of the semester, or the fourth day of the semester for the first seven weeks. You can use my.luther to drop a course throughout the semester, but consult the academic calendar to determine whether or not there will be a "W" on your transcript.

If a class is closed, you should continue to check on my.luther. Students are adding and dropping courses all the time, and a course that is closed at 9:00 pm on one day may re-open by 9:00 am the next. There are no waiting lists kept for courses. If a course is closed that you feel is crucial to your schedule, you should talk with your advisor and explain why you need to be in that particular class during that particular semester. Your advisor will make the request to the appropriate department head. Only department heads can authorize additions to closed classes, and they will notify the Registrar's Office to enroll you. If you have questions about whether your have been enrolled, consult your schedule on my.luther, or call the Registrar's Office.

Students should consider planning ahead for Study Abroad opportunities, and talk with your advisor about them. Study Abroad forms and inquiries are handled through the Study Away office, and are separate from the semester registration period, with different guidelines and schedules.

Students who are eligible for Honors courses should also talk through those options with advisors. Enrollment in the first-year Honors Colloquium is by permission, and enrollment in the Honors Core is by application. Discuss these opportunities with your advisor and consider applying if you qualify.