Program Evaluation Instructions

The "program evaluation" is an important tool to use in keeping track of your progress toward graduation requirements, both all-college requirements and those in your major/minor. All students are sent a copy of their program evaluation during the spring semester of their first year at Luther to help familiarize you with the form. As you complete each semester after that, you should run a new copy of the program evaluation and take a copy with you when you meet with your advisor.

View instructions on how to read the program evaluation.

Other tips on using the program evaluation:

  • Be sure that the Registrar's office has an accurate record of your major(s) and minor(s) by declaring or changing your major/minor online.
  • First-year students complete this form on paper; if you change from "undecided" to a major(s) or make any changes from that first declaration, you also need to change or declare your major online.
  • Use the Mozilla Firefox Browser to print the program evaluation.
  • Look carefully at the final page of the program evaluation which notes whether you have completed sufficient credits outside your major. Those who entered Luther in 2007 or later are required to complete 80 credits outside of at least one major discipline.
  • How many credits does it take to graduate? Just 128!