Change of Advisor

Each student at Luther is paired with one academic advisor. During your initial registration period, you are assigned a first-year advisor, and are asked to keep that advisor throughout your first semester, January term, and into the spring semester. For many students, particularly students who have not yet determined their major, it is best to stay with that advisor until the student decides on a major. For all first-year students, the Registrar's Office distributes a form in January to help facilitate any students who have declared a major to obtain a faculty member in that department.  

After the first year, if you need to complete a change of advisor, fill out this form, obtain the signature of your new advisor and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

If you are a double major, you should decide which department you should choose for your advisor. It is strongly recommended that students who major in two different departments should declare both majors, and go over their program evaluation carefully. Check with a faculty member from the second department to make sure that you understand the courses and graduation requirements necessary to complete the second major.