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  • Jon Jensen - Center For Sustainable Communities

    Jon Jensen, Director of the Center for Sustainable Communities, introduces Luther's new program and discusses the center's mission for education, community engagement, and sustainable practices in northeast Iowa.

  • B.O.M.B. 2013

    Every year during J-Term, Brandt Hall hosts an open mic night for students of Luther College. Luther's tremendous diversity of talent is showcased and all students are invited to socialize, relax, and have fun watching their classmates perform.

  • Luther Students Attend Undergraduate Research Conference

    A Luther College Video Bureau Production about students who attended the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Ogden, Utah.

  • January Term in Ghana

    The 2012 January term trip to Ghana Africa. Full of education and culture. Take a look!

  • January Term Class: Stubborn Light

    Hear from Luther College students about the course offered on campus during J-Term.

  • Residence Life Staff Owling

  • Study Abroad: Argentina and Chile

    Over this last J-Term, some Luther students were able to travel to Argentina and Chile to immerse themselves in a different culture and learn in a completely new way. This is their story.

  • January Term in Turkey and Jordan

    Check out Luther College's J-term Program in Turkey and Jordan! Students learn about the religious and political aspects of these two countries through exploring the countries' histories and interacting with the people. This trip gives students a completely new experience that can expand their worldview!

  • Learn. Act. Sustain.

  • January Term Internship: Brenna Gibbons

    Brenna Gibbons explains her biology internship at the Winneshiek Medical Center during J-term.

  • January Term Internship: Bryan Butel

    Bryan Butel's internship at the Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

  • Coming Soon: Luther College Aquatic Center

    Luther College seeks to fulfill the dreams of hundreds of alumni, parents, and community members as we raise funds to build a new aquatic center with a natatorium for swimming and diving!

  • January Term Internship: Bailey Cahlandar

    I worked this J-term in Minneapolis with my friend and mentor Sharra Frank! I created an internship with Luther College and was able to help Sharra with finishing a project for the St. Paul Children's hospital!

  • The Friends Organization

    The Friends Organization - an officially sanctioned Luther College organization that focuses on establishing long lasting relationships between Luther students and local children with special needs.

  • Christmas at Luther, Behind the Scenes

    Take a look at "Behind the Scene" footage of Christmas at Luther. Learn what goes into this great performance and realize the hard work and dedication students from Luther College have. This wonderful opportunity to share music and the message of Christmas has become an annual event & continues to touch people in many ways.