Branna's senior paper titled "Program Evaluation of a Midwest Reentry Facility."

Am I a Sociologist Yet?

We go to college for roughly four years. Some of us go on to graduate school; some go into the workforce; others continue their education or work in another country, and still others move back into their parent’s house. But when do we really become the person we are working so hard to be? For me that means asking…Am I a sociologist yet?

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Sociologists of Minnesota, 2015 Conference Dr. Ronald Ferguson, President and Dr. Joseph Kremer conversing during a conference break

Empowering the Disempowered, 2015 Sociologists of Minnesota Conference

From the devastating loss of Freddie Gray in Boston, MA to the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, this year marked several high profile cases of racial bias and bigotry towards communities of color. These instances highlighted the reality that, despite rhetoric that declares that peace, fairness, and tolerance are the norm for our society, what is actually occurring is the continuance of segregationist practice, overt and subtle bigotry, and the ugliness of violence.

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Jacq Congello stands with the two sociology professors with whom she performs research

Racial Attitudes and Actions Survey of Olmsted County Released

Luther College Professors of Sociology Charlotte Kunkel and Ronald Ferguson are pleased to announce the third Racial Attitudes and Actions Survey of Olmsted County. This week, 2500 surveys will be mailed to a random sample of Olmsted County residents to capture their attitudes and actions on issues like integration, race, and immigration.

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Annual meeting of the Iowa Sociological Association

Iowa Sociological Association

Char Kunkel and 10 Sociology students attended the Iowa Sociological Association annual meetings on May 1st. Senior Kaila Will received both an award and special recognition for her paper "The Use of Expert Testimony on Battered Woman’s Syndrome and Battering and its Effects in the Legal System".

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Char Kunkel, Luther professor of sociology

'Hey guys': Gender and the power of words

"Three guys walked into a bar, a Jew, a Catholic and a Muslim. They ordered drinks. Which one ordered a Bloody Mary? Better yet, which one was named Mary?" Char Kunkel, Luther professor of sociology and director of Luther's Women and Gender Studies program, explores the power of gender in simple phrases like "Hey guys."

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