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Marjorie Woollacott, PhD, University of Oregon

Near Death Experiences: Windows into the Nature and Origin of Consciousness

For many years, scientists have debated the nature and origin of consciousness. Many materialist scientists propose that consciousness originates in the neurons in the brain. However, scientific studies concerning near-death experiences (NDEs) give compelling evidence for the primacy of consciousness, that is, that its origin is independent of brain activity.

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Katherine Shaner teaser

'Slavery, Paul, and Luther's Legacy for the Bible' 

Martin Luther's concept of returning to the sources to analyze scripture sometimes conflicted with his concept of the singular authority of scripture. Katherine Shaner, Luther class of 1998, will examine the tension between these two concepts in Luther's interpretation of slavery in the New Testament at the college's 2017 Phi Beta Kappa Humanities Symposium.

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