Credit-No Credit Authorization Form

PLEASE NOTE: The following policies regarding credit/no credit (CR/NC) grading were approved by the Luther College Academic Planning Committee and apply specifically and exclusively to Spring 2020 full-semester and second-seven weeks courses.

  • Students may authorize a change to CR/NC grading until May 1, 2020. One or more CR/NC courses designated during Spring Semester 2020 will count as one course toward the six-course limit* on CR/NC courses. First-year students are eligible to take more than one CR/NC course, and the CR/NC course(s) will not count towards their six-course limit*.
        * This limit does not include courses offered only on a CR/NC basis, such as student teaching, etc., and any courses so noted in the course schedule or college catalog.
  • Spring 2020 courses taken for CR/NC may fulfill all-college requirements.
  • Spring 2020 courses taken for CR/NC may fulfill major or minor requirements. Certain departments may need to make exceptions to this fulfillment policy (as required by accreditors).
  • Cancellation of the CR/NC authorization for a full-semester or second-seven weeks course may be done through Friday, May 15. If the authorization is not cancelled, the determination of credit will be based on the instructor's submitted final grade. Grades of C- or above will receive Credit (CR); grades below C- will receive No Credit (NC). If a NC grade is recorded, the student may elect to have the letter grade substituted. The request for substitution must be made within 30 days of the posting of semester grades.

Please use the following form to authorize CR/NC grading for Spring 2020 courses. A form must be submitted for each course for which you intend to authorize CR/NC grading.

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