Deposit Information

Domestic Admission and All Readmission Deposit for 2023-24: $300

Foreign Admission Deposit for 2023-24: $400

 This is due to the additional up-front costs for bringing an international student to the United States (SEVIS, postage, etc)

Your admission deposit and enrollment deposit (for readmitted students) may be viewed on To see your deposit:

  1. Sign on to using your Norse key
  2. Click on Student menu
  3. Click on Deposits under Financial Information. This information is real-time, so as soon as the deposit is receipted by our office, it is available for viewing on this screen.

For students who have graduated or are not returning in the fall, the deposit will be applied toward any outstanding balance due at the end of the school year (May 31). The unused portion of the deposit will be refunded by check or e-check in June.

Once a deposit is applied (allocated) to your student receivable, it will no longer show on the Deposit screen. The deposit then appears on your statement of account as a deposit allocation. Your statement of account is also available on

Other types of deposits that will show on include your

  • J Term deposit
  • Music Tour deposit
  • International Student Teaching deposit
  • Luther Study Away Program deposit.

Deposits may be paid via e-check or credit card using E-checks are free but there is a 2.5% fee for credit or debit cards.

Deposits may also be paid at the cashier window (check or cash) or via mailed check.