Museum Studies

The museum studies program has given me an amazing opportunity to delve into the world of art history, something that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to explore. The department has also allowed me to build my minor according to my interests and really engage with what I'm passionate about.

— Keziah Grindeland '16

The museum studies minor introduces students to the historical and theoretical foundations of contemporary museums. Museum Studies courses provide the opportunity to explore practical skills and the knowledge needed to work in today’s museums and other cultural institutions. Under faculty advisement, students can direct their selection of electives and applied learning to enhance their major disciplinary interests. The museum studies minor is a valuable combination of the liberal arts and practical experience for unique career growth area.

Fostering a multidisciplinary approach is particularly important for museum and archives professionals. Guided course projects challenge students to engage with local museums and collections for educational experiences that have an impact beyond the classroom. Under faculty advisement, students can direct their selection of electives and experiential learning to match their major disciplinary interests such as Art, History, Anthropology, Biology, or Business. The Museum Studies Internship course provides students the opportunity to work under the supervision of a museum practitioner in a professional setting that can occur on the Luther campus, in their local community, or at cultural institutions across the country.

As a Luther program for over thirty years, the museum studies discipline furthers the college's commitment to the liberal arts and meets several key components of the college's mission, including the:

  • promotion of public service
  • preservation of tradition
  • strong emphasis on moving students beyond immediate interests
  • knowledge toward a recognition of the larger world around us

Graduates have attended museum studies graduate programs across the nation, and many are working professionals in archives, libraries, museums, and galleries.

Students interested in pursuing this minor should contact Dr. Destiny Crider to learn more.