Use Winn Co Newspapers



  1. To perform a basic search, enter a name, place, or phrase in the search bar and click the “Discover” button, at
  2. Search Operators
    1. "All of the words" - this is the default setting of the search box. If multiple words are entered, the result list with display pages on which all of the words appear.
    2. "Exact phrase" - this option will return pages in which the phrase searched appears exactly as entered.
    3. "Any of the words" - any page with at least one of the submitted search terms will be displayed.
  3. Date Limiters
    1. “Between” - by default this field displays the dates of the earliest and most recent content in the database. Adjust the start and end dates to limit search results to a particular range.
    2. “On” - this limiter will return results from the exact date entered.
    3. “Before” - use this option to limit results to issues published prior to the selected date.
    4. “After” - use this option to limit results to issues published after the selected date.


The additional filters are not working from the Advanced Search page at this time. Perform a Basic Search and then use the filters appearing on the left menu of the search results.


By newspaper title

  1. The site homepage lists six titles with the most pages available. To view all available titles, click the "More +" link beneath the title list.
  2. Click on the desired title to view all available pages. Currently, the sort order of pages in this view is random. See the section below on "Filtering" to browse further by dates.

By year

  1. The site homepage lists the first 12 decades in which content is found. To view all available decades, click the "More +" link beneath the decade list.
  2. After selecting a decade, you will now be able to select a year. Click the desired year to view related content.


Results from a search or browse are able to filtered in a number of ways, using the menu to the left of the search results.

  1. “Title” - limits to selected publications
  2. “Decade” - selecting a decade limits to articles falling in that time period, and also displays the “Year” filter
  3. “Year” (visible only after selecting a “Decade”) - selecting a year limits to articles falling within that year, and also displays the “Month & Day” filter
  4. “Month & Day” (visible only after selecting a “Year”) - appearing in monthly calendar format, this filter allows you to select results from a specific date. Dates with associated page content are shaded gray on the calendar. Mousing over a shaded date will reveal a pop-up showing the number of pages associated with that date.


  1. While viewing a page, select the “Crop” tool.
  2. A highlighted box will appear on page. Drag the box with your mouse over the area you would like to copy, resizing the box if necessary by dragging the corners of the box.
  3. Once the box is the appropriate size, click the “>” button to the right of the box.
  4. This displays a pop-up window with steps 1-3 indicated in bubbles at the top. If you wish to print a full-page copy of the screenshot, or save a large-format jpeg image, select the “Printer” or “Download” buttons from “Step 1.”
  5. Alternatively, you may print or download a thumbnail version of the screenshot along with a citation and associated notes
    1. Type any desired notes in the “Step 1” text box on the right side of the pop-up window.
    2. If desired, enter a title in the “Add a title” box.
    3. Select “Next” to move to step 2.
    4. In “Step 2,” you may choose to add subject tags (this returns you to step 1), an “artistic filter,” and highlighting to your image (at this time, the highlighting feature does not appear in the final document).
    5. Select “Next to move to step 3.
    6. In “Step 3,” you will see a preview image of the thumbnail with notes, and you will be able to print or save a copy, or share via Facebook or Twitter.
    7. (at this time the “URL to Share” link does not work)


  1. To print a full newspaper page, when viewing a page, select the "Download" tool.
  2. This will save a copy of the page to your computer in PDF format.
  3. Open this saved file in your PDF reader software (likely Adobe Reader for PC; and Preview for Mac).
  4. Print via the PDF reader software (print commands are often found under the "File" menu).

Section of page

  1. To print a section of a page, follow the steps above under "Screenshot" to select a section of a page.
  2. Once you have created your desired selection, click the "Print" icon.
  3. This will download a PDF file in your browser and automatically open the browser's Print menu.
  4. Print using the browser's Print menu.

Saving to JPEG or PDF


  1. Follow the steps above under "Screenshot" to select a section of a page.
  2. Once you have created your desired selection, click the "Download Clipped Image" icon.
  3. The selection will be saved on your computer in JPEG format.


  1. Full page: when viewing a page, select the "Download" tool from the top menu.
  2. Selection: Create a selection using the steps above under "Screenshot." Click the "Print" icon, but instead of sending to a printer, use the print menu functionality to "Save as PDF."