Preus Library Building

Preus Library is housed in a handsome three level building overlooking the central campus greenspace. Visitors enter on the main level and discover a spacious environment with a central stairway leading to the upper and lower levels. The interior space is WIFI enabled and all three floors have both open study areas and private study rooms (the upper and lower levels tend to be more quiet). A large parking lot adjoins the library to the rear. In addition to its 320,000 volume collection, The Preus Library building houses a number of other offices and functions:

  • The College Archives - Upper level
  • Information Technology Help Desk - Main level
  • Computer lab - Main level
  • The TRIO Office - Lower level
  • The CAE Office - Lower level
  • The Writing Center - Main level
  • The Multi-Media Center - Lower level

Preus Library serves as a central resource for campus activities.