Library Collections

Preus Library contains physical collections of over 320,000 volumes. The majority of these items are available for public browsing in the Main Stacks, Reference, Current Periodicals, Atlases, Videos, DVDs, Microforms, and Curriculum Library areas.

A number of materials are shelved in restricted locations (CDs & items on Reserve) and additional materials are housed in the library’s Special Collections (Rare Book Room, DEPO, and the Alumni/Faculty/Staff Luther Press Collection).

The Library of Congress classification system is used to organize the various parts of the collection. Bound periodicals are inter-shelved in the Main Stacks with the book collection. All materials are cataloged and the library’s holdings can be searched using WorldCat Discovery, the online catalog.

Digital Resources

Preus Library has been actively collecting and providing access to digital resources since the early 1990s. The earliest resources were simple electronic versions of printed periodical indexes but today the Library is heavily invested in providing high quality, scholarly digital resources to the College community.

Preus Library makes available thousands of ebooks (via eBrary, EBSCO, etc.) and sound recordings (Naxos), millions of journal articles (from thousands of ejournals and collections like JSTOR, Project Muse, BioOne etc.), dozens of indexes and databases (usually with links to the materials being indexed).

While a small percentage of this material is purchased outright by the Library most of it is leased from year to year. A complex system of subscriptions and licenses governs the use of these resources and most of them are restricted to members of the Luther College community.