• Peace and Reconciliation Dialog in Norway and the Balkans

Foreign Culture 339 / Scandinavian Studies 339: Norway, Croatia, & Bosnia and Herzegovina

A view of Mostar

Mostar Days

Faced with the challenge of two short days in Mostar, we set out to learn as much as our tired brains can fit about the city's history and culture.

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The Nansen Center main building.

Last Days in Lillehammer

As the class wraps up its time at Lillehammer with shopping and as much socializing as possible with th academy students, we realize how special our experience really was.

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The sign at the entrance of Nansen.

Weekend Update

A brief update on the goings-on from this weekend, and an announcement or two about the blog.

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Day of Dialogue

The Norwegian and Luther students get together to learn more about dialogue and get to know each other.

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The group with Birger Eide after our lecture on "The Ways of Norway."

First Day in Lillehammer

The first full day in Lillehammer was filled with Norway 101. From the 200th birthday of the Norwegian Consitution to Viking language influences. Did you know the term "dashboard" originated from the boards of wood on Viking ships used to defend against big splashes of water?

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