• Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine: the Ancient and Modern City

Paideia 450: Italy & France

The Adventures of Roma

Our journey into the Vatican City included a tour of many ancient monuments and artwork. We saw the frescos of the Sistene Chapel. We stood inches from Roman marble sculptures depicting heroes and leaders in epic poses. Paintings the size of walls composed in the Rennaisance kept our eyes stimulated as we walked through the Vatican Museum. Seniors Rachel Stenhaug and Krista Herrling describe their personal experience from the bottom of the Vatican hill to the tallest point at the top of Vatican.

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Arrival in the Eternal City

Delays to our travel itinerary led our class on an unexpected journey.  Our change of plans diverted us to explore Amsterdam before arriving in our first official destination of Rome.

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Wednesday in Rome and a Continuing Theme

Our class continued with the theme of unexpected Ted diversions on Wednesday, January eighth.  Our schedule took through the ruins of important Roman locations in the morning and early afternoon and to the residence of the ambassador of Malta to Rome for original Roman cuisine and stories from the ambassador herself. The day was full of new and unexpected events.

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Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine

This month a class will be spending time in Italy and France for the Paideia course "Crowds, Culture, and Cuisine: The Ancient and Modern City." Inside is an overview of the course, what the objectives are, and some of the highlights of our itinerary.

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