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French 347: France

the beach near Quimper

A la Plage (At the Beach)

Did you know that they sell whole baguettes at basketball games in France? We spent the day at the beach and the evening at a local basketball game.

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It is fuzzy.


The best kind of horses, are fuzzy horses. This keeps them warm in the winter :)

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College students (apart from us) really like their Superheros!

School and Fun Facts

We explored for a very long time today! We went to the university, the church, and around an outdoor shopping area. The college kids are classy, hence the superhero picture we found on their bullentin boards.

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We have arrived!

As promised, all your loved ones have arrived in Quimper, where it is cloudy with the slightest drizzle of rain.

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A Safe Trip There

I review of our journey to arrive in Quimper, and what we have done with our first few hours here.

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Food, Fun, France

My name is Alex and I'll be one of the bloggers on this trip. A quick bit about me, I'm a sophomore studying mathematics and my solitary talent is making my tonge into a clover.

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