Why Attend On-Campus Events?

It’s the beginning of your first year at college. You’ve registered for your classes, moved into your dorm room, purchased your books, and navigated the jungle that is the cafeteria. You are starting to get the hang of college life and the demands that go along with it””classes, deadlines, papers, work-study, etc. What you may not realize is what you do and how you spend your time outside of the classroom is just as important as writing those papers!

Most college campuses have a calendar full of events that range from sporting events, musical performances, comedians, spoken-word artists, theatre productions and movies, to name a few! Most residence halls will also plan events so be sure to check in with your resident assistant (RA). Not only do these activities provide fun and stress-relief, but it’s a great way to meet friends, connect with your college community, and perhaps even have a culturally enriching experience.

This will be the one time in your life where you will have the opportunity to hear world-class musicians or be in the audience of the next up-and-coming popstar, all in your own backyard! On most campuses, these events are often free to students (or at least at a reduced rate) so you have nothing to lose! You might even be surprised to discover a new passion for something you never had an interest in before while making life-long friendships in the process. So make the most of these next four years””get out there and explore every opportunity!