Finding Your Crowd: How to Make Friends at College

Figuring out how to make friends in college can be overwhelming. You are in a new environment and surrounded by people who you have never met before. It’s normal to feel confused about where to start finding your crowd.

Here are some ways to meet new people and make friends at college:

Always be yourself: When trying to make friends, being yourself is very important. No matter where you go to college, there will be people who share things in common with you. You want to find friends who you feel comfortable with and the best way to do this is by being authentic from the beginning.

Check your college/university events calendar: If you are a first-year student, orientation week will be filled with activities that will allow you to meet new people. After this, you can check your college/university activities calendar to see if there are any events that you’re interested in attending. This is a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Join clubs/ extracurricular activities: Colleges/universities typically offer a variety of activities that interest students. You can join clubs, organizations, or intramural sports. Each of these categories at your college/university will have different opportunities for you to try. Learn more about the clubs and activities your college/university offers and there will probably be a few that spark your interest!

Get a work-study job: Work-study opportunities allow you to work in different departments or areas on campus. In most work-study positions you will be interacting with other students, and you’ll most likely work with a few, too! This is a great way to make friends and meet new people.

Use your dorm room to your advantage: Your residence hall is one of the primary ways you can get to know new people. Hanging out in the open, common spaces are great locations for introducing yourself and finding ways to interact.

Get out of your comfort zone: This can be hard to do, but sometimes all it takes to meet new people is to say “Hi.” Remind yourself that other people are probably feeling a little anxious and awkward just like you are. Put yourself out there and don’t shy away from starting a conversation.