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Claudia Elvidge, Luther College class of 2016

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Make it your kingdom

Just about to burst through the Luther bubble, Luther senior Claudia Elvidge gives us a pep talk in the strangest way imaginable... through bowling-themed emo bands and t-rex beanies.

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Aaron Hafner, Luther College football coach



Let's talk tough. Coach Hafner explains the importance of being mentally tough, and the lasting changes we can make with a positive attitude.

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Amy Weldon, Luther College associate professor of English

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Trillium season

Professor Weldon takes us on a hike where she discovers trillium, as well as how something so small can direct your attention to bigger things.

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Gereon Kopf, Luther College professor of religion

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Do we really know what we are doing?

Do we choose inclusion or exclusion? Do we choose the compassion of tolerance or the irascibility of hubris? Will we be a nation that seeks solutions for those in need or will we indulge in rhetoric and forget the past? Professor Kopf argues that the key lies in our awareness of the shortcomings of our communities and ourselves.

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