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Emily Holm, Luther College class of 2016


No place I’d rather be

We hear great things about students who have wonderful, sometimes life-changing, J-term experiences abroad, but what about the students who stay on campus? Are they dreaming of Costa Rican beaches as they freeze to the sidewalk between Ylvi and the Union? According to Luther senior Emily Holm, J-term on campus is exactly where she wants to be.

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Alex Smith, Luther College Associate Athletic Director

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Where are all the fans?

Bring on the fans! Associate Athletic Director Alex Smith encourages folks to come out to support the Norse (on the field/court/diamond/track/mat as well as in the concert hall and theatre, etc.), promising fans and friends of Luther games and performances that will not disappoint!

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Lauren and Kyle playing soccer with Haitian youth.

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J-term blog: A day at the 'Model Village' in Haiti

Amid the destruction left behind from the earthquake nearly six years ago, the Lutheran World Federation "Model Village" gives a glimpse of a hopeful future for Haiti. Read along for two students' take on the pros and cons of the village, as well as their interactions with the people who live there.

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Martin Klammer Headshot


Christmas with Mohammed

Klammer asks us to remember the reason for the season and to cherish "that lovely human hope that religious conviction will not and cannot divide us, no matter how much hatred and violence is generated by those from any faith group who claim ownership of 'the will of God.'"

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Rob Shedinger

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Be a light to the rest of the nation

Shedinger grants us access to a guest column recently printed in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. He implores us, "... my interfaith Christmas wish is that my fellow Iowans — especially those who are Christian — will use this season of peace, joy and goodwill to be a light to the rest of the nation"

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Derek Sweet, associate professor of communication studies

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The Fandom Awakens

Are you going to the opening of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" this Friday? Professor Sweet is... to satisfy his nine-year-old curiosity and his scholarly interest at the same time. Will he choose the dark side? Find out which side of the force wins.

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Tabita Green, Luther College director of web content

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Change when it seems impossible

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Sound like a joke from your neighborhood six-year-old? It may be... but it's also a good life lesson on focus. Tabita Green encourages us to move the mountain, one shovelful at a time.

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