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Professor Elliott prepping for the swim portion of Ironman Boulder.


'Kate Elliott; you are an Ironman.'

Professor Kate Elliott just finished Ironman Boulder, crushing the swim portion, and finishing hearing the words, "Kate Elliott; you are an Ironman." Read on for her encouragements to other women thinking about competing in/completing an Ironman.

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Moving beyond tolerance

What needs to be done to create a campus climate where every student feels valued? Luther College student Rebecka Green discusses how the campus-wide sit-in this spring provided a glimpse of what the future can be.

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"All I know is what I know and I try really hard not to be certain of that."


Fevers of Unknown Origin

Professor Breitenstein gives us what he hopes his response would be to a student asking for extensions due to that student's experience with anxiety and depression; reminding us, "All I know is what I know and I try really hard not to be certain of that."

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Viola Niyizigama

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A Reminder to Myself

Luther sophomore Viola Niyizigama pens a reminder to herself as she closes out her second year at Luther. This poem was originally performed at the BTQ talent show, March 16, 2018.

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