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The ideas and viewpoints expressed in the posts on the Ideas and Creations blog are solely the view of the author(s). Luther College's mission statement calls us to "embrace diversity and challenge one another to learn in community," and to be "enlivened and transformed by encounters with one another, by the exchange of ideas, and by the life of faith and learning." Alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of the college are encouraged to express their views, model "good disagreement" and engage in respectful dialogue.


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Angkor What?!

Junior philosophy major Montana Jackson describes the group's exploration of Angkor Wat and other ancient temples in Cambodia; discovering more about Buddhism, Cambodias past, and decision making.

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The iconic bell on Luther's campus serves as a symbol of home for the students leaving on their Paideia 450 study abroad trip.

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Packing, preparing and planning

During J-term 2019, 367 students and 32 program leaders will participate in one of Luther's 18 courses around the globe.Each course is a different journey and has a different blogger (or several). Check out our first highlighted blog post from the Paideia 450 course, "Removal and Restitution: Building Communities in South Africa." Then head to the January Term 2019 Course Blogs page for more on each of the courses! Although it's impossible to keep up with everyone, these blogs are designed to provide glimpses into our students' adventures.

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J-term blog

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A Roadmap for Study Away

It's exciting to think about the potential opportunities that exist for studying away when you're in college. Jennifer Self, off-campus programs adviser, provides advice on how to get the most out of the experience.

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Wind turbine


Luther is leading the way

Despite reports that the world is on the verge of run-away global warning, Professor Martin-Schramm says Luther has proven how it's possible to reduce greenouse gas emissions.

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Aidan O'Driscoll

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Take on the world

Luther senior Aidan O'Driscoll ruminates on his professor's words, "Take on the world with the right energies," and encourages his class to harness the good energies and dispel the bad to bring joy.

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