'Before the Foundations'

Art exhibit on display at Luther College March 30-May 21
The loss of innocence and the struggle to understand the actions occurring in our world can cause anyone to question their beliefs. But, according to artist Skip McKinstry, it is through art that the world can begin to discover and experience the nature and plans of God.

"Before the Foundations," an exhibit consisting of a series of inkjet images on animal-skin parchment based in photography and digital collage, will be on display, March 30-May 21, in the Luther College Center for Faith and Life Second Floor Gallery. The exhibit is open to the public with no charge for admission.

The artist focused the exhibit on the toll of creation, the loss of innocence, freedom of choice and God's authority, the struggle to function in a world divided from its source of life, and redemption. Through the art displayed in the gallery, creator Skip McKinstry displays the story of "He…who counted the cost…knowing that our rescue would be paid for in blood."

"Before the Foundations" is on display in conjunction with Luther College's celebration of 500 years of the Reformation. This year-long celebration commemorates the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. By exploring the impact and legacy of the Reformation, Luther hopes to revitalize the message and importance of Martin Luther's theses, and how they are still relevant today.

McKinstry is a graphic designer, teacher and artist who lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After working for 30 years in design, McKinstry is on a new path, combining art and faith. Basing his work in digital collages and photography, McKinstry is able to develop themes that he has been passionate about throughout his life.

These themes include individuals searching for calling, the sovereignty of God, and the experience that people have living in a world that is both wonderful and terrifying. All of these themes and more are showcased in McKinstry's exhibit, and he plans to explore them on a deeper level as he pursues a Certificate in Arts and Theology from the Brehm Center at Fuller Theological Seminary in California.

A national liberal arts college with an enrollment of 2,150, Luther offers an academic curriculum that leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree in more than 60 majors and pre-professional programs. For more information about Luther visit the college's website: http://www.luther.edu.

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