Spotlight on Sex and Gender lecture Feb. 23

Luther's Sheila Radford-Hill to speak on 'Hypervisibility, Invisibility and Micro-Aggression'

Sheila Radford-Hill, executive director of Luther's Diversity Center, will lecture on "A Race, Race(ed) Woman Speaks about Hypervisibility, Invisibility, and Micro-Aggression" for the Luther College Women and Gender Studies Department's Spotlight on Sex and Gender series at 4 p.m. Monday, Feb. 23, in Valders 362.

The lecture is open to the public with no charge for admission.

For 11 years, Radford-Hill has been a leading voice for diversity, equity and inclusion on campus. Engaging students through academic advising, teaching and program administration, Radford-Hill has encouraged students from all backgrounds to pursue their love of learning. As a former faculty advisor, Radford-Hill was affiliated with Luther's Education Department and supported the Luther curriculum by teaching courses in Africana studies and Paideia II.

Radford-Hill completed her bachelor's degree at DePaul University and was awarded a Ford Foundation Doctoral Fellowship for the University of Pennsylvania, where she was an All But Dissertation in American studies. Radford-Hill left Penn but returned to school a decade later to complete a Ph.D. in humanities education. Later, she completed a graduate certificate in community development at the University of Illinois. 

"A Race, Rac(ed) Woman Speaks about Hypervisibility, Invisibility, and Micro-Aggression" builds on the theoretical underpinnings of Radford-Hill's research on black women and civic engagement. This research, titled "Tellin', Namin' and Living with Memory," consists of papers that analyze the life stories of African American women as expressions of civic life.

Radford-Hill's work explores black women's stories as exemplars of civic engagement and hallmarks of the black female experience in the U.S., and uses feminist and critical race theory to theorize the complicated relationship between feminism and racial politics.  Her book, "Further to Fly: Black Women and the Politics of Empowerment," also explores these themes.

In addition to her academic career, Radford-Hill worked in the non-profit sector and in state government as an education officer for the Illinois State Board of Education.

Sheila Radford-Hill, executive director of Luther's Diversity Center