Luther College Paideia Text & Issues Lecture: Kristy Gould

Kristy Gould, Luther College professor of psychology, will present Luther's fall Paideia Lecture "Research in Animal Cognition as an Example of Studying the 'Other': What It Can Teach Us About Animals and About Ourselves" at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, in the Center for Faith and Life Recital Hall on the Luther College campus.

Gould's presentation will focus on the boundaries we draw between humans and animals.  She will discuss how research has shown us that animals often share many cognitive traits with humans, blurring the boundaries we have created. She makes the point, however, that animals are not furry or feathered humans, and what may look like similar behavior may be driven by completely different cognitive processes.

Studying animals has taught Gould volumes on human behavior and cognition, including what makes human beings unique, and how humans may not be as different from animals as we think.

A reception will follow the lecture in Qualley Lounge in the Center for Faith and Life. Both the lecture and the reception are open to the public with no charge for admission.

Gould, a published biological and psychological researcher in the field of animal cognition, has taught at Luther since 2001. She teaches a course in animal cognition and has conducted numerous research projects on the cognition and intelligence of birds in the Corvid family, including crows, jays, nutcrackers and magpies.