Luther College Book Shop to host book signing May 18

Author C.J. Boerger on hand to sign books

The Luther College Book Shop will host a signing session with Luther graduate and author C.J. Boerger for his book "Chasing a Dream" from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 18, in the Luther College Book Shop in the Dahl Centennial Union.

The event is open to the public with no charge for admission.

"Chasing a Dream," Boerger's first published book, tells the story of Charlie Becker, a minor league baseball player. Although Becker once had a promising career, he is beginning to age and faces a crossroads in his life. Should he continue to chase his dream of playing in the major leagues? Or should he settle down permanently with his wife and son?

The book deals with a difficult issue faced by many people. Like Becker, they must question the path they want to take in life and if they want something more out of it than the standard fare. Boerger commented that for this reason, "Chasing a Dream" is an excellent book for young adults coming out of college, as it may give them guidance making decisions about the future.

Although Boerger now hopes "Chasing a Dream" will be both helpful and enjoyable for many readers, he began writing it only as a way of fulfilling his own dream of being a sports writer. It was a very personal book for Boerger. The main character was named after his son, many other characters were inspired in part by people he knew and the setting is based on the town in which he lives.

Boerger self-published "Chasing a Dream," relying on input from his family and co-workers during the editing process and putting the book up for sale on

Boerger graduated from Luther College in 1999. He has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and has been teaching math in the Kingsland School District for 14 years. He currently resides in Spring Valley, Minn., with his wife, Carrie, and their two children.

C.J. Boerger, Luther graduate from the class of '99