Marc Marcuse to present Luther College SAC Leadership lecture April 10

'Career Boot Camp'

Reel Management talent agency president and former reality star Marc Marcuse will present the Luther College SAC Leadership lecture at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 10, in Room 102 of the Franklin W. Olin Building on the Luther campus.

Marcuse's lecture, titled "Career Boot Camp," will focus on how to open up one's career path beyond the scope of their college major and build a worthwhile career. He will provide helpful information on building a public profile, covering topics such as how to start networking in college, building a strong resume and improving interview skills.

Drawing on a wealth of experience with television, charities and the celebrities related to them, Marcuse will also share the backstage secrets of the world's most famous companies and explain how the business world views college students.

The lecture is open to the public with no charge for admission.

Marcuse found his first claim to fame in 2003 when he was a contestant on the reality television show, "Average Joe." After appearing on the show, he came into contact with a number of fellow reality stars and realized that there were virtually no establishments fitted to manage them.

With that in mind, Marcuse found his niche in the market and founded Reel Management, a talent agency that manages more than 400 reality stars. His clients come from a variety of popular shows such as Project Runway and Top Chef. Marcuse has used his agency to help put these reality stars back on the air on networks such as NBC, Bravo and Vh1.

Marcuse has connected with charity organizations, universities and military bases around the world to give people the opportunity to meet their favorite stars.

Marc Marcuse, Reel Management talent agency president and former reality star