College implements office supplies reuse station

Oct. 15, 2010

From staplers to scissors and pens to paper clips, the Luther College Office Supplies Reuse Station provides Luther students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to sustainably dispose of and acquire office and school supplies.

Located in Room 376 in the Valders Hall of Science on the Luther campus, the Reuse Station is open 8 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.          

Faculty, staff and students are invited to donate used office and school supply items that are no longer needed. Items to be donated to the reuse station can be brought to Valders 376.       

"It's a simple, sustainable way to get rid of the supplies you no longer need and find the supplies you want," said Dan Bellrichard, Luther sustainability coordinator.        

Supplies the station could provide include notebooks, folders, binders, staplers, envelopes, paper clips, magnets and numerous other school and office supplies.

Any of the items at the Reuse Station can be taken at no cost, no check out process and no documentation.

"It doesn't matter how the products are used," said Dan Bellrichard, "what matters is that a second life is given to a once dumpster-bound item."      

For more information, visit the Luther College sustainability website at