Luther begins first-year Blue Pig Campaign

Sept. 17, 2010

It's time to go blue for a change. Hopefully, lots of change. Luther College's Blue Pig Campaign is creating an opportunity for first year students' philanthropy to make a difference—one blue pig piggy bank at a time.

The Blue Pig Campaign, sponsored by the Luther Student Philanthropy Council, has put its money on, or in, "Phil," the Luther piggy bank that is the mascot for the Blue Pig Campaign (BPC).

Phil, whose namesake banks were recently distributed to the first-year students during "Frost Your Own Pig Cookie" parties in the residence halls on the Luther campus, will be the author of monthly emails to first-year students. Phil will also keep students informed about upcoming BPC events through his Facebook page.

The events, "Piggy Roundups," hosted by Student Philanthropy Council leaders and volunteers, will include contests, events and competitions between residence halls or floors.

During the roundups first-year students will be encouraged to bring their Phils, filled with spare change, to donate to the Blue Pig Campaign to qualify to enter raffles and drawings at the Student Philanthropy Council events. Funds collected at the roundups will be used for Impact Awards for students in the Class of 2014. 

Impact Awards go to students who demonstrate commitment and dedication to improving the Luther community through campus leadership, community service or other areas of campus life. The award money can be used for educational opportunities, including cocurricular activities, study away programs and service projects.

"Phil the Blue Pig is about students helping students," said Alex Ulfers, co-chair of the Luther BPC. "The money collected at the roundups will be distributed among classmates, encouraging a sense of community, both within their class and the Luther community," said Ulfers, a Luther senior from Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Ulfers and Katie Carnes, a junior from Cherokee, Iowa, are co-chairs of BPC, and Kelsey Olson, a senior from Chanhassen, Minn., is a BPC leader.

The BPC will integrate with other Student Philanthropy Council programs to educate the student body on the important role philanthropy plays in our community.

"Every donation makes a difference," said Dustin Ross, Luther assistant director of annual giving. "This is one way for students to work together, turning small donations into awards with large impacts for their classmates and friends."

The BPC campaign will follow the Class of 2014 throughout their time at Luther. Students will receive emails and updates from Phil, building the BPC program into a continuing campaign designed to encourage philanthropy. 

"We're hoping to make Phil a Luther tradition," said Ulfers. "It's a fun chance for each student to connect with friends, classmates and the Luther community, helping each other by filling their Phil."

For more information about the Blue Pig Campaign and the Student Philanthropy Council, contact Dustin Ross at [email protected]  or (563) 387-1286.

Photo caption: Leading the Blue Pig Campaign are (top to bottom) Dustin Ross, Luther assistant director of annual giving; Alex Ulfers of Cedar Falls, Iowa; Kelsey Olson of Chanhassen, Minn.; and Katie Carnes of Cherokee, Iowa. Luther College photo/illustration by Emily Voss


Blue Pig Campaign leaders