Elkina Duo

Luther College to host Elkina Duo for piano performance Sept. 23

Originating from Russia, identical twins Julia and Irina Elkina have been playing piano together since age five, leading critics to praise the "oneness" with which they perform. Both members of the duo also possess immense individual skill, having studied under Alex Braginsky at the University of Minnesota where they earned doctoral degrees in piano performance.

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Øyvind Gulliksen, retired professor of American literature and culture, explains some of the detail work behind headstones from the time of Elisabeth Koren, to Vegard Kvaale, U.S. correspondent for Dagbladet.

Norwegian journalist visits Luther to study the life of Elisabeth Koren

Luther College's collection of letters written by a Norwegian immigrant in the 1850-60s caught the attention of Vegard Kvaale, U.S. correspondent for Dagbladet-one of the largest and most well read national newspapers in Norway. He visited the college last week to learn more about the author of the letters, Elisabeth Koren, the wife of U.V. Koren, an immigrant pastor from Norway who figured prominently in the founding of Luther College.

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Kristin Swanson

Luther's Kristin Swanson presents lecture on Book of Judges Sept. 16

Luther professor of religion, Kristin Swanson, dissects the biblical book of Judges during the first Paideia Texts and Issues lecture of the year. She argues that, in terms of plot, the book tracks the Israelites from their invasion of Canaan to their establishment of a monarchy, but beneath the surface, these events contribute their own meaning to the Bible.

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SAC Concerts present The Mowgli's Sept. 6

Luther SAC Spotlight presents The Mowgli's

The California band, The Mowgli's, bring their cross-genre music to Luther College. With inspirations all over the map, The Mowgli's create songs reminiscent of classic rock and protest ballads wrapped in the sound of modern indie rock and dance bands. The band's recent single "San Francisco" charted on Billboard's Top 40 for alternative music in 2013.

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