Student Testimonials

"My trip impacted me in such a positive way! I made a lot of new friends and got to enjoy life in two different cultures. I had some of the most amazing experiences while abroad, and I hope many other people take advantage of the opportunity!"

-Tyler Hagy, '13
Studied in London and Vienna

The people of the Canary Islands reminded me how important it is to take time for myself—to do the things I love, to relax, to re-connect with people and nature. I plan on taking more time for siestas, enjoying meals, and traveling around the world! I only get one life—I need to make the most of it!"

—Anne Proescholdt, '12
Studied in Canary Islands, Spain

"I studied in Bø, Norway through the Telemark Exchange Program for the fall 2010 semester. My trip abroad opened up my view on the world and gave me more confidence in everyday activities as well as chance encounters. In regard to looking at the world, I was able to see the United States from an outside perspective and to meet many other international students who were exploring similar interests as me. As for the confidence, I now have the courage to make last minute decisions, get up in front of people and talk about my experiences, and also to have full conversations in Norwegian with my professor here at Luther."

—Aaron Hoffland, '12
Studied in Norway

"One of the most valuable skills I have learned here (as one who grew up in suburbia and went to college in a small town) was how to live in a city and navigate by myself using public transportation. Some trip highlights for me have included making a Singaporean friend (and having Chinese New Year dinner with her non-English-speaking family), experiencing teaching at high functioning and well-funded international school, and spending many nights swimming/reading by my condo pool in the hot/humid Singapore weather, thinking about all of the snow that the Midwest was currently getting."

—Mya Scarlato, '11
Studied in Singapore (student teaching at Singapore American School)

"Over January-Term, I studied abroad in Málaga, Spain, a beautiful city on La Costa del Sol. Living with a family and going to a Spanish school taught me a lot about the culture and language of Spain. We also took a lot of trips around the historical, conflicting, and diverse southern region of Andalucía, which allowed me to realize how much of the world's history I have never studied or known. It opened up a new world to me, one that I will continue to study and hopefully revisit in the future."

—Shannon Koenders, '13)
Studied in Spain

"I participated in the J-term trip to China and Japan studying Mahayana Buddhism. J-term was an amazing, eye-opening experience.  It's wonderful to have the opportunity to study while immersed in a different culture, learning both from observing their distinct traditions and understanding their significance through a classroom setting."

—Katie Carnes, '12
Studied in China and Japan

"I studied abroad in Galway, Ireland a fall semester. This experience changed my whole outlook on life not only at Luther, but after as well. Being completely on my own made me a stronger person and has already positively impacted my time at Luther. I have become a more well rounded person in many aspects of my life, including my faith, my personality and my friendships"

—Allison Croat, '12
Studied in Ireland

"My January Term experience exposed me to new cultures that changed my perspective on people in these areas. We also took advantage of many companies involved with the Olympic Games and how their involvement has impacted their company as well as their company's image. My favorite part of the experience was getting to meet different people that are also students at Luther as well as local people from the many countries that we visited."

—Nick Mozena, '13
Studied in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, and New York City