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Will the credits count and will my GPA be affected?

Luther College accepts credits for all semester or year-long off campus programs in accordance with regular transfer policies:

    * for college work from other accredited institutions.
    * for successful completion of courses (grade C or above) for which students register which are in subject areas taught at Luther.

To earn credit for courses in the major or minor, students must receive approval, prior to taking the course, from the appropriate department at Luther.

Credit granted for non-major/minor courses may be used to fulfill all College general education requirements if the course taken off-campus is equal to or greater in semester credit value than the stated requirement.

Grades and semester credit hours earned will be entered on the student's transcript, but will not be included in the calculation of the Luther cumulative GPA. The Luther Earth & Environment in Italy and Münster Semester programs are the only exceptions to this policy, and the grades earned on these programs will be calculated into the Luther GPA.

Luther January term and summer courses are offered only on a A-F scale and are included in the Luther cumulative GPA.

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