Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to study off campus?

Costs vary with each program. Examples follow.

Luther Programs

In order to make off campus study a realistic option for most students, Luther has designed its own programs which keep costs affordable and meet several graduation course requirements. For all Luther semester and year programs students pay their comprehensive fee to Luther. Students may be eligible to receive some or all of their financial aid (refer to the Financial Aid website for details). The additional costs include airfare, some group travel, and personal expenses.

Luther Approved Programs

Detailed information on all Luther approved year, semester, January term and summer programs, including financial assistance and scholarships, is available in the Center for Global Learning.

Luther January Term Courses

Luther January term off campus program costs vary. Each January the prices range from $1,800 - $5,800. Students pay only for travel, accommodations, and academic program (guest lectures, site visits, entrance fees...) The course tuition fee is included in the annual comprehensive fee.

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