Alert Traveler App

Instructions for downloading the AlertTraveler app are available in the Related Documents section of this page. If you'll be traveling with a smartphone during your study abroad experience, please download the app before departure.

One of the most important benefits offered by the app is the ability for you to "check in" if there is an emergency. If you do receive a check-in request, please reply right away.

Alerts are sent based on the country you will visit, not the city or region. Because of this, you may receive alerts for a city that is not part of your itinerary. If you find that you would like to reduce the number of alerts you receive, read the "Subscriptions" section in the attached instructions.

You may have already received email alerts containing health and safety information for your destination. You will continue to receive email alerts whether or not you download the app.

Please note that the app is only available to Luther College students, faculty, and staff participating in international off-campus study experiences approved by the Center for Global Learning.