Nagasaki, Japan (Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies)

Program dates: August to December, April to August

Students participating in the Japan Studies in Nagasaki (JASIN) program are based at the Nagasaki University of Foreign Languages and can take various courses in English including business, economics, society, history, culture, and literature, as well as in seminars in traditional Japanese arts. In addition to taking classes taught in English, students may also enroll in courses in simplified Japanese (with other international students) or in courses from the regular university curriculum (with Japanese students).

Eligibility: Second-semester sophomores, juniors, seniors; 2.5 minimum GPA; no previous Japanese language study required

Financial aid: Students should refer to the Financial Aid Office for information on financial aid eligibility. Students should also check on outside scholarships. Bridging, Gilman, NSEP, and Freeman scholarships may be available for this program.

Housing: Homestays and college dormitory

Application deadline: March 1