Stocks and Bonds Held in Brokerage Firm Accounts

Gift Amount

Make a gift of publicly traded stocks or bonds held in a brokerage firm account

First, advise Luther College of the transfer so the college can credit you with your gift. You may do so by contacting Peggy Lensing, controller, or Chuck Riha, accounting manager. During business hours, please call (800) 258-8437 ext. 1015, or fax the information to (563) 387-2683.

When you contact Peggy or Chuck, please provide the following information:

  • Name(s) of the corporation(s) and the number of shares or bonds you are giving
  • Name and phone number of your broker
  • The designation of your gift (e.g., Annual Fund or a restricted fund)

Second, send a letter of instruction to your broker. Be sure to include a full description of the securities you wish to give and your gift's intended purpose or designation. Please ask your broker to transfer the securities to the following Luther College Charles Schwab account:

Charles Schwab
DTC # 0164
Code 40
For the benefit of Luther College
Donations account # 6194-9889

Luther College tax ID # (EIN): 42-0680466

Third, instruct your broker not to sell the securities. If the securities are sold and the sale proceeds transferred to Luther, you will have to report any capital gains and pay any taxes due. If your broker has questions, he/she should contact Peggy Lensing, controller, or Chuck Riha, accounting manager, at (800) 258-8437 ext. 1015.

And, finally, send a copy of the letter of instruction you sent to your broker to:

Peggy Lensing, controller
Luther College
700 College Drive
Decorah, Iowa 52101

Please note: Luther College prefers that donors transfer stocks or bonds to its Charles Schwab account.  If you prefer to use another firm, please contact Peggy Lensing, controller, (800) 258-8437 ext. 1015, for more information.