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A word for it: On being a teaching writer

Amy Weldon, Luther associate professor of English, writes about why "Being a writing teacher or a teaching writer is like being in a long marriage, where sometimes it's exciting and sometimes it's a drag and sometimes you have to work really hard to keep the spark alive amid the piles of email and dirty laundry and sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail and sometimes just staying in it is a triumph."

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Martin Klammer Headshot

Frankenstein on what it means to be human

Was the Creature in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" human? Did his creator Victor Frankenstein forego parts of his humanity in the choices he made? Do we? Martin Klammer, Luther professor of English and Africana studies, debates the question "What does it mean to be human?" in his Paideia course and shares some of the conversation.

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Amy Weldon

The third rail: or, why are you here?

Finding the third rail means finding "that that current of electricity and excitement that doesn't just hold the engine in place but that truly makes it run" according to Amy Weldon, Luther associate professor of English. She encourages students (and faculty/staff) to find that third rail at Luther.

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Kate Narveson

Narveson Publishes Scholarly Book

Bible Readers and Lay Writers in Early Modern England: Gender and Religious Self-Definition in an Emergent Writing Culture, was published by Ashgate Publishing in September, 2012. Reviews of the book praise its significant and astute scholarly work as well as Narveson's lively, readable style.

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Mark Z. Muggli

Muggli Involved in Theatre/Dance Productions

Professor of English Mark Muggli’s second year as the Dennis M. Jones Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities has been busy. This semester’s projects have included three Shakespeare productions: the early October theatre PRODUCTION Much Ado About Nothing, the November DANCE PROGRAM, A Tragedy Like Macbeth, and the “Shakespeare Performed” class’s December PERFORMANCE of Twelfth Night.

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