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Guest Columnist, Sharlene TaylorBrowne writes about the Punjabi Mexican community in Southern California

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The author, Josh Gonzales

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month to me is another reminder to constantly check my privilege as male in this world. Growing up with my family’s particular culture, I was never really challenged to critique the roles that gender played in society. Notions of masculinity were heavily enforced by both my father and mother. Whether it be paying for dinner or a wedding, I was told that it was customary for the man to pay for everything in order to prove himself to his significant other and her family. Showing strong negative emotions was also frowned upon if not done for an acceptable, and often extreme, circumstance. Of all the ideologies that influenced my childhood, one of the most patriarchal was the notion that the man was the head of the household and held all of the power.

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