Psychology Department

Psychology is the science that studies behavior and mental processes.

Studying psychology gives you knowledge of behavior and mental processes. It also provides an understanding of how this knowledge is scientifically acquired and applied.

As a student studying psychology, you’ll learn about basic psychological processes—learning, memory, motivation, emotions, perception, thinking—in both humans and animals. You’ll also gain knowledge in the biological basis of behavior, and the interpersonal and social context in which it occurs.

As a psychology student at Luther, you’ll:

  • understand the conceptual framework that embraces the core knowledge underlying behavior and mental processes and forms the basis for lifelong learning
  • obtain a working knowledge of the methods of acquiring, evaluating, and applying psychological knowledge
  • gain an understanding of the professional ethics of the discipline of psychology
  • acquire the foundation of knowledge needed for graduate or professional school including a working knowledge of advanced statistics and significant research, internship, and/or experience

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Jessi smiles at the camera, with a beautiful building and sunset in the background.
My experience in the psychology department is definitely a highlight of my academic career at Luther. It has provided great opportunities for collaboration, exploring ways to apply problem-solving methods, and simply deepening a passion for learning.
Jessi Lambo ’23
Psychology Major