Class of 2004 Fall 2015 Letter

Fall 2015 

Dear Fellow Members of the Class of 2004, 

“2015!? You mean we’re in the future!?” Many of us recall hearing Marty McFly utter this line in the movie Back to the Future Part 2 as he, his girlfriend Jennifer, and his best friend “Doc” Emmet L. Brown time travel to 2015 with flying cars, hover boards, and a world where the Cubs actually won the World Series for the first time in over 100 years. I remember seeing this film as a kid and being amazed at all the cool stuff that we could see in the future. I distinctly remember on the ride back from the movie theatre discussing with my family how old we’d all be in 2015 (scary right?), what kind of house we’d have, how many kids we’d have, or what color my flying car would be. Every so often throughout my childhood and early adulthood I’d think about the things I saw in this movie and if we were on our way to making them happen.

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